Organo-Mineral fertilizer made from combining chemical fertilizer with steamed bone meal and leather meal

  • Has the perfect combination of fast and slow-acting materials – chemical fertilizer will quickly dissolved to be absorbed by plants and bone meal and leather meal will slowly release the nutrients and also help release the nutrients that were fixated in the soil. They reduce yield losses resulting from washing thanks to natural chelated contents which enable nutrient elements to be taken more effectively.
  • Naturally rich in phosphorous, and many important trace elements – PARICH bone is rich in important nutrients such as Manganese, Zinc, Copper, and Boron. It is especially high in magnesium (2%) and calcium (5%), which help the leaf photosynthesis resulting in strong roots and strong stems. In addition, bone meal phosphorus is easy for plants to take up.
  • Produced by state-of-the-art pilleting technology - Such process ensures that PARICH bone is packed with major nutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements, while contains low moisture content (<5%) and high organic matter (>20%)
  • Guaranteed free from weeds and pests
8-8-8 +20OM
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Organic Matter20%
OthersAmino Acids and other essential trace elements
Packing25 kg
12-6-6 +20OM
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Organic Matter20%
OthersAmino Acids and other essential trace elements
Packing25 kg
6-12-12 +20OM

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