PARICH Super Black

Innovative Organo-Mineral Fertilizer with 5 modes of action

PARICH Super Black is a compound organo-mineral fertilizer produced by a latest technology developed in Europe. It contains not only chemical fertilizer, but also amino acids made from vegetal and animal organic matters, humic acids as well as 10% of organic matter

  • Unique blends of organic and mineral fertilizer combining fast and slow release nutrients
  • In addition to providing nutrients, organic matter improves soil condition and contributes to the activation of microflora activity enabling nutrients to be taken more effectively by plants.

12-3-3 + 10 OM

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Organic Matter10%
OthersAmino Acids Plant Hormones
Packing50 kg


OthersAmino Acids Plant Hormones
Packing500 cc and 1 liter

PARICH Super Black’s 5 Modes of Action

  1. Chemical Fertilizer: Chemical fertilizer can quickly dissolved and be absorbed by plants immediately.
  2. Plant Hormones: Hormones control growth and physiological functions. Providing plants with hormones they need can help increase both yield and crop quality.
  3. Humic Acids: Humic Acids de-block minerals that the soil already contains, which result in a well-balanced soil. It can also absorb water, up to 15 times the of its own weight. As a result it increases soil water holding capacity, and protects it from erosion and ensures bacterial viability in the soil.
  4. Amino Acids: Amino acids helps in many function such as
    • Enhances micro-biological activity
    • Acts as chelating agent help increases nutrient availability to plants
    • Promotes plant growth
    • Improves plant respiration
    • Stimulates plant enzyme
    • Increases vitamin content of plants
  5. Organic Matter: PARICH Super Black contains 10% of organic matter, which has many essential trace elements and can contribute greatly to soil fertility. It also increases the nutrient holding capacity of soil (CEC), improves aggregation and prevent soil erosion.

Why amino acids are so important?

Amino acids is required in essential quantities to increase yield and overall quality of crops. It is the fundamental ingredient in the process of protein synthesis, which is the basic component of living cells. Plants need about 20 types of amino acids in their lifecycle to reach its full potential. In contrast to human and animals that consume protein through food, plants must source their necessary amino acids. PARICH Protein offers broad spectrum of amino acids to fulfill this needs.

In addition, amino acids also help activate the bacterial life in the soil, which is essential in the uptake of nutrients in plants. The development of the microbial flora of the agriculture soil is a basic foundation for a good mineralisation of the organic matter and also for a good soil structure and fertility around the roots.

Effects of amino acids on plants

  • Stress Resistance & Immune support: Amino acids are directly related to an anti-stress physiology as they help to strengthen the cellular walls in such a way that they increase resistance to unfavorable climatic conditions and other stresses such as low humidity, pest attack, flood, etc.
  • Pollination and Fruit Formation: Amino acids increase the pollen germination.
  • Photosynthesis: Amino Acids help to increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis.
  • Function of the Stoma: Amino Acids encourage the plant stoma to open, thereby facilitating better absorption of nutrients.
  • Chelating Effect: Amino acids make it easier for plant to absorb and transport nutrients. They form complexes with inorganic particles in the soil, resulting in the chelating effect, which help release the nutrients that were fixated in the soil particles such as phosphorous.
  • Plant Hormones: Amino acids are activators of plant hormones and other growth substances.
  • Healthy Soil Microbial Activity: Amino acids increase soil microbial population, which is a basic requirement for good mineralization of organic matter and also for good soil structure and nutrient mobility around the root zone.

Functions of some of the amino acids in PARICH Super Black

Amino Acids Advantage
Glutamic Acid Carriers of nitrogen Enhance taste Promote growth of leaves and roots
Proline Involve making buds, pollination and fruit bearing Enlarge fruits Increase sweetness and enhance taste
Glycine Increase sweetness
Serine Increase sweetness
Lysine Enhance fruit colors
Asparagine Increase sourness
Leucine Promote growth of leaves and roots
Arginine Enhance taste
Thereonine Increase sweetness and fruit bearing
Methionine Accelerate the growth of plant cell and ripening Increase sourness and sweetness Promote fruit bearing
Histidine Increase sourness
Phenylalanine Prevent plant disease
Alanine Enhance taste
Valine Enhance taste

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