Our portfolio ranges from single nutrient mineral fertilizers to complex compounds with the focus on specialty (innovative) fertilizers. We offer many different sub-brands with differing characteristics catering to different farmers’ needs as follow:
Chemical Fertilizer
PARICH — Single nutrient mineral and complex compounds fertilizer
PARICH Nitro Logo
PARICH Nitro — Nitrogen fertilizer coated with urease enzyme inhibitor reducing the volatilization rate of urea
PARICH Bio — Compound NPK fertilizer coated with biostimulants exclusively formulated from France
PARICH Super Black Logo
PARICH Tonmai — Bulk blend NPK fertilizer coated with urease inhibitor and biostimulants exclusively formulated from France
Organo-Mineral Fertilizer
PARICH Bone Logo
PARICH Bone — Organic-mineral pellet fertilizer made mainly by steamed bone meal and leather meal containing 20% organic matter (OM)
Organic Fertilizer
PARICH Pagro Logo
PARICH Pagro — In cooperation with Betagro, one of the country’s largest food conglomerate, PAGRO is an animal-based 100% organic fertilizer made with materials from slaughter house

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